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Other Association Services

Criterium-Bennett Engineers offers a full range of consulting engineering services to Condominium and Community Associations. Think of us as your own expert engineering staff. Our most typical services include reserve studies and transition studies, but we are happy to customize our proposal and services to meet your needs. Please review the following for a sample listing of other engineering services we can provide.

  • Plan Development and Plan Review - When work for your Association has been authorized, it is generally ill-advised to leaving the bidding process open-ended and ambiguous. Each contractor may choose to provide or offer a different scope. To resolve this ambiguity, Criterium-Bennett Engineers can assist with the development or review of concise, clear plans prior to work process. This will help insure that the work you need done gets done properly and in a timely fashion to suit your needs.

  • Specification Development and Specification Review - Similar in concept to plan development and review, we offer our expertise in the development or review of your repair, building, and structural specifications. Our expertise can ensure that the contractor is operating with the most explicit specifications with no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation.

  • Cost Estimating - The costs in a reserve study are only opinions of probable costs and not a set of exact figures. If your needs require more precise numbers, we can offer a more advanced and in-depth cost estimation.

  • Bid Solicitation and Bid Review - The bid process can often be overwhelming even to those with years of experience. Criterium-Bennett Engineers can alleviate this burden and assemble a complete bid package for contractors on your behalf. Our wealth of experience means that the bid package will be complete and comprehensive. We can furthermore assist you in the evaluatation of submitted bids to help ensure consistency and best value.

  • Investigation and Analysis - Unforseen structural and system problems can occur at any time. Criterium-Bennett Engineers stands ready to assist you in identifying the cause(s) of these problems and with filing an insurance claim if necessary.

  • Design Services and Repair Design Services - As a full service engineering company, Criterium-Bennett Engineers can offer a wealth of experience in design services. Whether you need a repair plan for a common-use element or would like to add a feature to enhance your association, we can develop a design to suit your specific requirements and budget.

  • Litigation Support - Although no one likes to consider legal action, it is important to have experts available for support and testimony as needed. At Criterium-Bennett Engineers, we can put our sterling reputation and expansive knowledge at your disposal in the pursuit of a developer or a contractor.