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Building Code Myths

Imagine that you are on the board of a condominium association to which the developer has just transferred control. It’s a brand new community and the developer/builder has assured you that all the buildings are “fully compliant with the building code.”

This means you can be confident that the buildings are defect free and the construction quality is top notch. Right?

Afraid not.

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Water Water Everywhere

“Water, water everywhere” is not what you want to be thinking as you’re staring through the windows of the restaurant, drug store and appliance shop that are tenants in the building you own. Water inside a building means likely damage to the furnishings and fixtures, floors and walls inside; it also means the possibility of rotting wood and mold risks; and it means major liability risks. 

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Wild And Crazy Roofs - It's Not All Good News!

Have you noticed? Roof lines are getting more and more complex and creative. The traditional gable roof (single ridge, symmetric slopes and vertical end panels) is quickly becoming a distant memory.

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What is a Structural Inspection?
A structural - or engineering - inspection is above all, an opinion as to the structural condition and integrity of the building or home.
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Cold Yet? - A Few Words About Winter

Seen on a Maine license plate - BRRRRR. When it comes to winter, that says it all!

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Preventing Ice Dams on Your Roof

Along with the snow and frosty temperatures, icicles are a lingering reminder that New England is still firmly entrenched in winter. Icicles, while festive, are an official sign of an ice dam on the roof. Less cheery are the ice bands that can also form along the roof eaves, and both of these wintry growths can cause damage to the roof and interior of any home with a pitched roof.

What causes ice dams?

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Real Estate or Wheel Estate?

Is it modular, manufactured or mobile? Or…is it pre-cut, pre-fab or panelized? Or…is it site built or stick built?

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Home Fires are Common, Deadly and Preventable


Fire safety probably isn’t high on the list of concerns for buyers when they purchase a home.  But the statistics indicate that it should be. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in the United States:

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Building Code Myths Create Liability Risks for Real Estate Professionals

If we were writing a Steven King-style horror movie, it might begin with a real estate broker discussing all the attractive features of a new home.  After noting the “brilliant design,” the high ceilings, state-of-the art kitchen and the exciting architectural details, the broker happily, assures the buyer, “The house is fully compliant with the building code, so you can be confident that it has no s

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Don't Forget the Roof!

Building owners and managers: add roof to your snow removal checklist.

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Water Inside Your Building Means Something Is Wrong on the Outside

“Water, water everywhere” is not what you want to be thinking as you’re standing in the living room of a townhouse condominium unit or peering into the lobby of a high rise.

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