Clean Homes; Building and Buying Trends are Changing as a result of COVID-19.

To no surprise, early market analysis and evidence is suggesting that homeowners/buyers are developing new priorities for their homes, according to sources like BUILDER magazine. Also, search trends on Google are high for “home office,” “home gym,“ and, “healthy home”. A survey conducted by and Toluna Insights reports a growing disinterest in small spaces and a desire for outdoor space.

Beyond these multi-use spaces for that office or gym, we can anticipate a new environment highlighted by antimicrobial home fixtures and finishes. The threshold or vestibule into a living space may become a health safety measure, one with a hand-washing station and UV sanitation. Air quality will likely be a top priority. A report released by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health examines the impact of gas appliances on indoor air quality and respiratory health. The researchers found that 90% of homes that are cooking on gas stoves experience indoor nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations that exceed national air quality standards. Proper ventilation is recommended for the mitigation of emissions. Smart technology will need to be touchless. The pandemic will create a rise in demand for in-home care for aging family members, thus accessibility features, including larger bathrooms and the incorporation of personal hygiene toilets and seats. Listen carefully to your clients’ desires and concerns to be sure you address them in your inspection of their home.