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Got Mold? How To Know? What To Do?

The problem of mold in buildings is one that no building owner or manager can afford to ignore. Mold has been suggested as one of the possible factors in so-called “Sick Building Syndrome.” What conditions create mold in buildings? Mold typically reproduces by means of airborne spores. These spores are always present in the air…..


Welcome Home: Snowbirds & COVID-19 Adding Condo Complexity

This summer more than ever the return of the snowbirds will be an increased challenge for the many condo communities in those areas most popular to tourists. New England has a significant population of condominiums along its rocky coast and mountainous regions serving as primary or secondary homes for bi-latitude unit owners. Many of these….


Clean Homes; Building and Buying Trends are Changing as a result of COVID-19.

To no surprise, early market analysis and evidence is suggesting that homeowners/buyers are developing new priorities for their homes, according to sources like BUILDER magazine. Also, search trends on Google are high for “home office,” “home gym,“ and, “healthy home”. A survey conducted by and Toluna Insights reports a growing disinterest in small spaces….


A New Dawn for Condominiums: Community Solar Farms

There is some good solar power news for condominium and HOA communities. We have spoken in past articles of the unfortunate political restraints on the development of renewable energy sources by certain state governors and administrations. Things have changed with two new solar power pieces of Maine legislature (LD 91 – “An act to Eliminate….


Pests: Don’t Bug Out!

Perhaps the most dreaded sound in an HOA or condo complex, other than a fire alarm or screaming siren, is repeated unit owners calls reporting a pest infestation.  Pests can come in many types of creatures, both large and small, including bats, seagulls, geese, rodents, mold spores, and wasps. For this brief article our focus….


COVID-19 Building Science for Building Owners

With COVID-19, how do we operate buildings more effectively in order to inhibit any virus or airborne contaminants? Our Building Science expert and chief engineer, Rebecca Rand Costigan, P.E., LEED-AP, CEM., shares what we’ve learned, along with guidance from national and international HVAC organizations. Click the image below to download our full presentation

HOA Frequently Asked Questions; They May Help Guide Your Condo Association

What’s the difference between a Reserve Study and a Building Evaluation?  Do HOAs need both?   A reserve study is basically an accounting exercise; its purpose is to estimate the life expectancy of building components. A building evaluation assesses the condition of those components.  Although a Criterium Engineers reserve study includes a building assessment, many reserve….