Pests: Don’t Bug Out!

Perhaps the most dreaded sound in an HOA or condo complex, other than a fire alarm or screaming siren, is repeated unit owners calls reporting a pest infestation.  Pests can come in many types of creatures, both large and small, including bats, seagulls, geese, rodents, mold spores, and wasps. For this brief article our focus….


COVID-19 Building Science for Building Owners

With COVID-19, how do we operate buildings more effectively in order to inhibit any virus or airborne contaminants? Our Building Science expert and chief engineer, Rebecca Rand Costigan, P.E., LEED-AP, CEM., shares what we’ve learned, along with guidance from national and international HVAC organizations. Click the image below to download our full presentation

HOA Frequently Asked Questions; They May Help Guide Your Condo Association

What’s the difference between a Reserve Study and a Building Evaluation?  Do HOAs need both?   A reserve study is basically an accounting exercise; its purpose is to estimate the life expectancy of building components. A building evaluation assesses the condition of those components.  Although a Criterium Engineers reserve study includes a building assessment, many reserve….


HOA Cummunity and Snowbirds – How to Keep Absent Owners Part of the Community

Welcome Home! New Hampshire can be grouped with Maine as “Vacationland” due to the population explosion in the summer months. This traditional influx of people not only affects coastal tourist towns and inland lake villages but also condo communities. Whether your condo is self- or professionally managed, establishing policies and planning for returning snowbirds is….


Condo Association Liabilities — Ignorance is not Bliss

So what keeps you up at night? If you are a condo board member or a property manager, it might be that dreaded phone call reporting calamity at the condominium. Whether it is the report of a fire; or a frozen sprinkler leak; or an injury due to a common element failure, the association’s actions in….


Burning Questions & Fire Safety Checklist

The words ‘safety or security’ mean different things to members of a condominium or HOA community.  While the board or property manager may be focusing on the common element safety dangers such as the pool or the walkways/ paved surfaces, unit owners’ biggest concern is unit security and household accidents.  In reality, condo communities are like families….


Want to Avoid Unexpected Property Maintenance Costs?

Whether you are a building owner, property manager, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) manager—or if you are questioning whether a building purchase makes financial sense—it’s important to anticipate how the property will perform over time. For retail, multi-family, office or industrial properties, the best solution is to assess, plan and budget for the future. A….


Is Your Condo Breathing? Why Building Ventilation is Critical

We all need to vent. No, I am not talking about Monday morning venting about the bum calls the referee made during the big game. I am talking about venting the attic space in your condominium. I know, most folks think venting is a summer issue, so why talk about it when the snow is….