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Home Fires are Common, Deadly and Preventable

Fire safety probably isn’t high on the list of concerns for buyers when they purchase a home.  But the statistics indicate that it should be. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in the United States: Most fire-related deaths (more than 80 percent of them last year) occur in residences. More than 4,000 people….


Don’t Forget the Roof!

Building owners and managers: add roof to your snow removal checklist. Several areas of the US are currently experiencing heavy and frequent snowfalls. From Criterium Engineers corporate office in Portland, Maine, we would like to remind owners, investors and managers of industrial, commercial and multifamily residential buildings that while you are concentrating on removing snow….


Water Inside Your Building Means Something Is Wrong on the Outside

“Water, water everywhere” is not what you want to be thinking as you’re standing in the living room of a townhouse condominium unit or peering into the lobby of a high rise. Water inside any attached housing structure means likely damage – to furnishings and fixtures, floors and walls; it also means the possibility of….